Carnegie Mellon University

PRC/ER Approvers

Effective May 28, 2013: Approvers for PRCs and ERs have been streamlined to make things easier for preparers and approvers.

PRC Approval

All Pcard holders have been assigned to a specific departmental approver (either Nick Frollini or Mike Boyodos). All transactions on a PRC, regardless of where they are charged, may be sent to the PRC approver who appears in the dropdown menu in the Oracle system.

ER Approval

ER approval has also been simplified as follows:

  • Regular Track Faculty and their students/staff* - Mike Boydos
  • Teaching Track Faculty and their students/staff - Nick Frollini
  • Systems Track Faculty and their students/staff - Mike Boydos
  • ERs falling outside of those categories** - Nick Frollini

*Due to the complexities of CMU-Q accounting, Nick Frollini will continue to handle Dr. Reddy and his team.

**For example, an ER from a program administrator in an academic unit or a special faculty member working as part of the Universal Digital Library Project would be directed to Nick.

For questions on approval processes, please call Nick at x8-5359.


If an expense does not conform to the new policy, you may request an exception from the department's designated financial representative (DDRF), Nick Frollini. This should be done PRIOR to the expense being incurred and must be done BEFORE the ER or PRC is submitted. The request should be submitted via email and should note:

  1. What the expense in question is;
  2. Why it is critical that the expense be incurred;
  3. A citation of the policy that the contemplated expense violates; and
  4. The charge string where the expense will be reconciled against, including its name.

Requests should be as detailed as possible. Nick will respond to requests, also via email, within 3 business days. You must scan and include a copy of the entire email thread along with you receipt packet to the ER or PRC or it will be rejected by the approver.