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Do you ever write code? For research? For class? Just occasionally? Who doesn't!
Would you like to learn how to write code faster? With fewer bugs? That's more easily maintained, so you spend less time fussing over the details, and more time getting your *real* work done? Peter Story and Daniel Smullen are hosting a weekly series of "lunch and learn" events. Each Friday, we will host video lessons in a series covering a variety of software development best practices. Lunch will be provided, but only if you RSVP!

List of Topics

Access to videos hosted by Lynda are available by logging in with your CMU account.
Dates Video Series
October 3rd - November 14th 2017 Programming Foundations: Test-Driven Development
November 14th - January 19th 2018 Python: Programming Efficiently
February 2nd - February 16th Learning Docker
February 23rd - March 9th Learning Django
March 23rd - March 30th Programming Foundations: Refactoring Code
April 6th - May 4th Git Intermediate Techniques
May 4th - June 1st React.js Essential Training
June 1st - July 6th Programming Foundations: Code Efficiency
July 6th - July 20th Programming Foundations: Software Quality Assurance
July 20th - August 3rd Code Clinic: R
August 10th - September 7th Python: Design Patterns
September 14th - September 28th Ethical Hacking: Website and Web Application Testing
September 28th - October 26th Programming Foundations: Databases
October 26th - November 2nd Understanding Machine Learning - A Theory Perspective
November 9th - November 16th Data Visualization for Data Analysts
December 7th - January 15th Learning Bash Scripting
January 15th - February 15th Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Classification Modeling
February 22nd - March 22nd Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Clustering and Association
March 22nd - April 12th Agile Foundations
April 12th - April 19th Advanced Predictive Modeling: Mastering Ensembles and Metamodeling
April 26th - May 24th Accelerating TensorFlow with the Google Machine Learning Engine
May 31st - June 21st Python Statistics Essential Training
June 28th - July 19th Optimizing Python Code
July 19th - July 26th Docker for Developers
August 2nd - August 16th Cloud Native Development with Node.js, Docker, and Kubernetes
August 23rd - August 30th Programming Foundations: Secure Coding
August 30th - October Python: Advanced Design Patterns
October 2019 Building Data Apps with R and Shiny: Essential Training
October 2019 Learning Jenkins
October 2019 Multitasking at the Command Line
November 2019 Data Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack
December 2019 JavaScript Essential Training
February 2020 Functional Programming with Python
February 2020 GitHub Essential Training


Based on our experience with collaborative software projects, we have seen benefits to educating folks with a less advanced software engineering background, and reducing complacency in those with more expertise. We have seen an increase in terms of the quality of deliverables and effective collaboration when people get trained and refreshed on the basics that are often taken for granted. We think this kind of training is incredibly useful for getting new collaborators up to speed, and also helps more experienced folks sharpen their mastery of important fundamentals. The goal is to make widespread use of best practices a bigger priority - everyone will reap benefits from getting development tasks done better and smarter.

Who’s Invited? 

You are, and everyone you work with!

The events are open to all ISR graduate students, as well as all others who collaborate with us. This isn't something that is being hosted specifically by or for software engineering students. The goal is to be as inclusive as possible. Those among us who have not had the privilege of this kind of training stand to benefit the most. That means you, researchers who rarely dabble in code! Software engineering students with a more sophisticated background might only need a small refresher. You too can benefit!